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What You Need to Know: Detecting & Repairing Atlanta Water Leaks

Plumbing supply failures have become more prevalent. Our water pipes age, corrode, and even poorly installed plumbing systems. It has become such an issue the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety have established warning signs for both residential homeowners and businesses, that your Plumbing May be Leaking or in Danger of Bursting.

Busted Rusty PipesWater Bill  A high water bill is no fun for anyone, bit it could also mean more than just a dent in your wallet. An increased water bill for no apparent reason could show you have a leak

$4.3K Average loss due to corroded, leaky, or poorly installed plumbing pipes.

Banging Pipes A creak or a groan every now and then isn’t cause for concern. However, loud and consistent banging could mean you have an issue.

Faulty Pipes Faulty water pipes are the leading cause of interior water damage.

Rust Stains  Rust stains in sinks or rust tinted water is a warning sign of larger problems.

Signs of Moisture  Moisture in the walls or on the floor is not only unattractive, but could mean you have a costly leak somewhere in your home or business.

Frozen Pipes  Frozen pipe related failures resulted in losses nearly twice as severe as those caused by material failures.

Erosion  Signs of wet soil erosion near your foundation could mean there’s a leak.

As our plumbing system ages, they corrode and break down, this is when leaks start.  They begin as a small pinhole leak, dripping day in and day out, over time this creates significant damage to any home or business.

Leak Doctor’s winning combination of commitment to exceptional customer service, state of the art technology, experienced and highly trained technicians ensures the best possible results and outstanding customer service. We have cost-effective ways to find the source of your leak and quickly fix it.

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