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Water Leak Detection, How Much Does a Leak Really Cost

Atlanta homes are more at risk for costly water leaks than theft and fire. Though most homeowners don’t even realize it, water leaks are on the rise, mainly due to our aging water pipes, corrosion, water chemistry, and high water pressure.

“The time between when a leak occurs and when it is discovered is the single greatest factor in determining the amount of damage,” said Fran O’Brien, division president of Chubb North America Personal Risk Services. “Internal water leaks are a leading cause of property damage. With 57 percent of homeowners who have experienced a water leak claim in the past two years spending $5,000 or more on clean up and repair costs — and 15 percent spending $20,000 or more — many are overlooking their exposure at a significant cost.”

A recent survey published in the Insurance Journal found

Handyman inspecting pipes• A quarter of all homeowners have never had their appliances inspected, despite being the surest way to prevent a leak from occurring.

• Many homeowners also cited the loss of irreplaceable items (59 percent) and repairing structural damage (46 percent) as the top most potentially concerning water damage-related events.

• The majority of homeowners are unfamiliar with the most common sources of internal water leaks, with close to half (49 percent) identifying the water heater as the most likely source (independent analyses indicate plumbing supply systems pose the greatest risk).

Even a small water leak, especially one you can’t see, can create serious damage and a health hazard if it is not detected and repaired in a timely manor.  It is important to stay proactive.  Water leaks don’t fix themselves; they continue to get worse, waste water and money. The Leak Doctor offers affordable solutions to your leaking problems.

Don’t wait for your water leak to get worse, contact the professionals at Leak Doctor today. We put our customers first and provide emergency services.