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The Leak Doctor can help you locate the source of water loss anywhere on your property.  It is our pledge to provide you the finest services available to you in a timely, accurate and professional manner including maintaining a clean workplace.  Our technicians are highly trained in the use of their equipment, the latest in leak detection methodologies and are field proven.


Each Leak Doctor vehicle is equipped with five different types of detectors, providing the technician with a wide range of equipment sensitivity to pinpoint the exact location of your leak. 

The Leak Doctor’s goal is to locate your water leak and to minimize damage to your home. It is better for you, the customer, to have a leak specialist pinpoint the problem before excavation. The cost of pursuing a leak with a jackhammer without our help and the expense of putting things back together far outweighs The Leak Doctor’s fee for pinpointing the problem.

Our success over the years of working with insurance adjusters, property owners, property management companies, and plumbers is the result of meticulous care and dedication to finding difficult leaks not found by inexperienced companies.


For Accurate Leak Detection Call the Leak Doctor!



“Our success is due not just to our products and services, but rather how we deploy these capabilities”


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